Always be hustling if you are a small business owner

I’m taking annual leave for the next week.

So, the girls in the office, when giving appointments for consultations, cannot put anyone in next week.

But I noticed yesterday that they were telling callers that I was on annual leave next week and it would be the following week before I could see the caller.

I told them to stop telling people that I was on holidays. There was no need to mention the holidays.

Instead, just tell them that they have no availability next week and it would be the following week before I could give an appointment.

Why do this? Because the perception created in the callers’ mind when learning that I had no availability next week would be to conclude that I was much in demand and must be well worth waiting for and seeing.

Scarcity is a strong factor in creating demand for any product or service. Scarcity is a powerful motivator and influencing force in behaviour.

Why not use it when I am going on my holidays?

Always be thinking like an entrepreneur or a small business owner.

There is nothing dishonest or untruthful about saying there is no availability next week. But turning my absence from the office on annual leave into something useful for my business and brand is an opportunity that should not be spurned.

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