A video company came to my office yesterday

A video company came to my office yesterday to interview me.

Spicy Dog Media is creating a series of videos for their YouTube channel-Getinourhome-dealing with all aspects of buying or building a house in Ireland.

They are interviewing a number of so-called experts who might be involved in the process. For example, an architect, finance advisor, solicitor, and so on.

Spicy Dog Media was started a few years ago by Peter Kilmartin from Roscommon and are doing video work for some well known clients such as government departments, Supermacs, Lloyds Pharmacy, and others.

We had an interesting chat prior to the interview about my use of video, when I started, why I started, and so on. We agreed that the use of video is immensely powerful in any businss and neither of us could understand why more small businesses have not adopted video marketing as a central plank in their business development.

Anyway, here are a few snippets from the occasion.

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