A tale of two solicitors-Michael Lynn theft/fraud trial to commence next week

Michael Lynn, a former solicitor, is facing criminal charges of theft of over €30m. The case is expected to commence in the coming week and to last for 12 to 14 weeks.

Lynn had a High Court application for an adjournment dismissed last week.

He has had a number of legal teams representing him and the latest application for an adjournment was to allow the new team to read into the file and prepare.

The High Court decided the case could go ahead. The DPP had argued that it is and was a relatively straightforward case and had been under consideration and management of the courts since 2018.

Lynn faces 21 counts of theft of over €30 Million from a number of financial institutions. He is alleged to have used of multiple mortgages on properties.

Lynn had previously fought his extradition back to Ireland from Brazil, but lost.

The alleged theft took place between 2006 and 2007. It was around this time that I was making a lifestyle change and getting out of retail and into property development and construction.

When the property bubble crashed in 2008, I lost everything. But I recovered and came back. When Lynn was alleged to be stealing from banks, I was borrowing up to my eyeballs to get into the property game.

Or I was overseeing my development on my building site in Longford. Learning how to drive a teleporter. Organising materials and labour, dealing with health and safety. Getting the trades organised.

Now I am a solicitor with my own successful solicitor’s practice. And Lynn is heading for the Courts of Criminal Justice to face theft and fraud charges amounting to over €30 M.

Life is funny, sometimes.

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