A Rage in Harlem audiobook-if you have never listened to an audiobook, listen to this

I am just finishing up an audiobook narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and I would recommend it highly.

Not only is it superbly well narrated by Jackson it is beautifully written by a man who spent over 7 years in prison for armed robbery.

The characters in the novel are predominately ‘coloured’ and it is the story of hustlers, scammers, persons ‘on the lam’ in one night in Harlem. But the most impressive part of the story is the dialogue which is tremendously realistic and captures the idiom and slang and street talk in working class, broken down, hustling Harlem decades ago.

If you never listened to an audiobook before you should give this one a try. If you don’t love this you can rest assured that audiobooks are not for you.

But I think you will love it.

A Rage in Harlem, by Chester Himes.

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