A blow out day in Dublin

On a few days every year myself and herself get the bus-either Kearns or Bus Eireann-from Moyvalley and head to Dublin.

This trip has become an annual thing having first started out, when we were younger, as a pub crawl. Now, we are not quite up to requirements of the full blown pub crawl but we have a great day, nevertheless.

We disembark at the quays, walk the short trip to The Oval Bar in Middle Abbey Street, and spend most (or all) of the day having a few pints, chatting, catching up with each other.

We will then get something to eat and get the bus home from the other side of the quays.

It is a simple day out which does not require much planning. All we need to do is show up for the bus on time and have a few bob to buy a few pints and something nice to eat.

But it is a day that I believe is of immense value in providing a “time out” in busy lives and obliges each of us to speak to one another without the distraction of a TV, or any other screen device.

The act of physically going somewhere else, some geographical relocation for the day, is of enormous benefit in assisting with the switch off.

Spending the day in a Dublin pub, watching people coming and going all through the day, speculating on their story, where they are coming from and going to-all these things are a pleasant and most enjoyable diversion.

And the time out, albeit short, leaves us with some beautiful, warm memories.

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