300 audiobook sales-a small milestone

Do you know the way you come across announcements on LinkedIn along the lines of, “I am delighted to announce that I am taking up a new position in XYZ limited”?

I have never had the pleasure of making such an announcement as I have always been self-employed.

But I am delighted to be notified this morning that I have reached 300 sales of my audiobooks on Audible/ACX, the Amazon audiobook platform. My titles cover employment law in Ireland, digital marketing, and buying or selling property. And the sales have been remarkably consistent in the last couple of years and, if anything, increasing slightly.

Maybe by the time I retire these audiobooks, along with the Kindle and paperback versions, will provide a reasonable contribution to a pension. I won’t be holding my breath, mind.

But it is nice to see them continuing to sell and for purchasers to leave nice reviews and obtain benefit from my work.

So, this announcement this morning is my equivalent of one of those LinkedIn announcements you will almost certainly see the next time you visit that platform.

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