3 Types of Individual That Test My Patience

I come across all types of individuals every month, some of whom exhaust my patience to varying degrees.

Firstly, there is the freeloader, the person who thinks you should be perfectly happy to review and assess their circumstances and advise whether they have a case or not. If you find they have they will pay for a consultation; if they don’t, they don’t expect to pay anything.

As for my time and expertise, this is expected to be applied freely, liberally, and gratis. When you ask them, in turn, will they pop around to my house at the weekend and mow the grass, wash my car, and paint the garage they feel to see the connection.

Secondly there is the employee who exhibits signs of paranoia. This person is in constant contact by email or phone or both to update me of the situation in her workplace, but nothing has actually happened.

Nothing, that is, save for a tsunami of new thoughts from the employee about what other people are thinking, what other people intend doing, and the future outcome of the situation or crisis, depending on your view, and the ultimate outcome which is uncannily crystal clear to the employee.

Nevertheless, she continues to update with a frequency and detail that causes a genuine concern that she is delusional and in need of help from a medical professional who is expert in the workings of the mind.

Thirdly, there is the guy who believes you were obliged to work for him for free and, even though you have won his case, the damages awarded were not of a sufficient quantum to persuade him otherwise.

I do accept, however, if I am not coming across these guys with regularity I am not coming across the gems of clients-the decent individuals who are genuinely appreciative of the efforts made on their behalf.

And I am a firm believer in the saying, “when you enlist, you may soldier”. So, I shall continue to soldier with determination and focus, having swallowed hard.

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