20 Years’ Experience or 1 Year Repeated 20 Times?

When you are considering getting expert advice from a consultant or other professional, and you are concerned about their claims of relevant experience, ask yourself whether they have one year’s experience repeated multiple times.

Or whether they genuinely got 20 years of varied, wide-ranging experience in the sphere of activity that concerns you.

This is an easy mistake to make.

We all know people who appear to be wise, sagacious, and experienced but when you look more closely you may find someone who has repeatedly carried out a narrow range of tasks in a limited area of activity.


  1. That’s one of the wiser sentences I’ve heard recently, Terry. Thank you for that. It also opened my eyes on to what I have and motivated me even more to stand against old grumpy so-called experienced guys with 20 years in a single company and single position, while I can show half of it but in variety of fields, companies and positions! Once again thank you for that! Stealing the sentence to spread further 🙂

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