100 Google reviews

Our solicitor’s practice business, Terry Gorry & Co. Solicitors, received its 100th review on Google Business yesterday. Our average review mark is 4.8.

Reviews are important for any business, and I have had a love/hate relationship with Google Business reviews for a number of reasons including the fact that anyone, not just a client, can leave a review and no comment.

And a person with a grudge or animus against me or the business or who were unhappy with the advice they received can do so too and inflict some reputational damage on the business. This often happens, for example, when a person is told they have a case that is bound to fail or they receive other advice with which they are not happy.

The advice could be professional and accurate. But if the individual does not like it or is surprised that they do not have a case they can leave a bad review as a form of revenge or out of frustration.

No, it is not perfect. But Google Business reviews are important. And I am happy to have reached the milestone of 100 such reviews with a high average mark (4.8).