1 powerful ingredient common to baking bread, disputes, and negotiating property transactions

There is one tremendously effective ingredient that can be deployed to baking bread, employment (and other legal) disputes, and negotiating to buy or sell property.


Time is a fundamental part of good baking but can also be used to telling effect in negotiating disputes.

For example, in an employment dispute where the employee is out of work on certified sick leave, which absence is being used as a tactic to attempt to put pressure on the employer to extract some type of settlement or exit deal. The employer can often use time as a weapon by delaying any quick resolution of the problem, on the basis that time is on his side and the employee’s absence from the workplace is costing him/her lost wages.

This is assuming, of course, that there is no sick pay scheme in the workplace. Even if there is, however, it is bound to run out.

When buying or selling property one of the parties will have more time than the other. It is almost inevitable. This could arise from any number of reasons, but it is almost certain one party will be under more time pressure than the other.

One of the parties can use time as a weapon.

And when it comes to baking bread, especially sourdough bread, any decent baker worth his/her salt will recognised the central role that time plays in baking any quality bread.

It often turns out that some of the most effective tools, strategies, tactics, devices in life are free.

Time is one of them.

Use it wisely, and effectively.

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