Wilson’s Hospital School and Enoch Burke-the substantive issue to be determined by the High Court

The Wilson’s Hospital School and Enoch Burke case opened yesterday in the High Court.

It would be easy to think that this was just one more court case or action between Mr Burke and the school at which he was a teacher.

But that is not the case at all. This is the substantive case, the core issue between the protagonists.

What is the core issue? What is the decision the court is being asked to determine?

Whether the school was right, and entitled, to suspend Mr Burke from his teaching position pending investigation as part of the disciplinary process in the workplace.

That is the core issue.

The school will make the case that Mr Burke’s conduct and behaviour, especially at a chapel service in the school, justified the suspension as part of the disciplinary procedure in the school.

Mr Burke claims his conduct at all times was respectful and entirely in order and appropriate.

Which version of events is the judge more likely to find credible? Which version of events will be easier to believe?

And bear in mind that the judge-Mr Justice Alex Owens -has excluded Mr Burke from the court due to his conduct when the hearing opened at 11 am yesterday morning.