Why I hope Trump recovers

I hope Trump recovers and contests the US presidential election. Not because I like the man but because I hate him and what Trumpism stands for.

And I want to see Americans rejecting him and his narcissism, bigotry, racism, lying, tax evasion, sexual deviancy, braggadocio, vanity, cheating.

This is a man who has boasted about never having read a book and his poor diet of fast food.

But he will avoid the fate of the ballot box, a fate he has become increasingly worried about, if he remains in hospital or unable to return to the election campaign.

The danger would be that Trump would be gone but Trumpism and its values would continue. That is an appalling outlook.

Trump needs to be hammered at the ballot box. If he does not suffer a defeat you will always have those conspiracy theorists who will be quick to put forward some explanation or urban myth as to how and why their man was taken out of the race. By China, by communists, by democrats-take your pick.

The world needs to see the United States returning to take its place along side the nations of the world to help make the world a better place. It cannot do this when Trump is President of the United States.

But seeing him defeated at the polls by ordinary, decent Americans is what is needed now. And the hope and relief that is bound to follow.