What you can learn from Donald Trump about criminal law

Trump, faced with four indictments and ninety-one counts of criminal charges, gave an interview last week on a programme called “Meet the Press”.

Given the magnitude of Trump’s narcissism and the size of his ego he could not help himself in the interview.

When asked was the insurrection on January 6th his idea or that of his crazy private lawyers he could not help himself and confirmed it was his decision to attempt to prevent the ratification of the decision to confirm Joe Biden as President.

If he had said nothing or that he could not comment given that he faced live criminal prosecutions it would have been the sensible, advisable thing to do.

But no. He ploughed on and confirmed it was his idea.

Not only have the prosecutors now got ‘actus rea’, they now have ‘mens rea’ (criminal intent). Securing a conviction should now be easy and I can see prosecutors relying heavily on the many Trump interviews since the indictments were brought.

This is an important lesson for anyone facing criminal prosecution: whatever you say, say nothing.