Two types of vlogging

I have an interest in the art and science of vlogging.

A vlog, according to the Cambridge dictionary, is defined as:

a video blog: a record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you film and publish on the internet

Vlogs, and vlogging, are not the type of videos which have led me to grow my YouTube substantially recently. But I enjoy watching vlogs and enjoy making them.

I watched an interesting video recently advancing the thesis that vlogging can be divided into two categories:

  1. Story vlogs
  2. Documenting a day in the life type vlogs

I have tried both and I believe the easiest way is the documentary type vlog. That is, what I am doing today and I guess there is a skill in turning this type of vlog into something interesting and worth watching.

That is the challenge, I guess, to elevate your vlogging.

Story vlogs can be more difficult as you require a beginning, middle and end to a story arc which grabs and retains the viewer’s interest.

It can be powerful, too, when you identify a story with a struggle and outcome.

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