Trying to Articulate How I Feel About Donald Trump

I’ve put off writing this blog post for a long time.

My fear is that I will not be able to articulate, with sufficient accuracy and power, my low opinion of Donald Trump.

But I must try now because if writing and communicating is about anything it must include being able to deal with the difficult subjects-the ones that make you want to just use bad language and descend into vulgar, coarse abuse.

I saw a tweet the other day on Twitter and it was a comment on that day’s outrage perpetrated by Trump. And the tweeter made the point that not one day has Trump passed in the office of the President of the United States without besmirching the office.

Not one day.

To any reasonable observer, Trump’s repeated displays of vainglorious, boastful, preening, narcissistic behaviour would be bad enough.

But when you throw in the racism, the misogyny, the ignorance, the coarse, boorish behaviour when he meets other world leaders, the crass ignorance of global warming and his appalling treatment of Greta Thunberg, the insulting of John McCain and political rivals, the boasting about never reading a book, the repeated, habitual lying, the obsequious pandering to his ‘base’, the desertion of the Kurds in Northern Syria, the xenophobia, the abandoning of a policy of friendship and cooperation with other countries, the mantra of ‘America first’, the boasting about stock market rises but the silence when they fall, the silence about the ‘great big, beautiful wall’ Mexico was supposed to build-the list goes on and on.

Not one day does he not disgrace himself as a human being and the office he holds as President.

Experienced political observers doubt that the impeachment move against him will succeed. But if it does I would see it as a suitable occasion to get insensibly drunk in celebration.

I don’t think I have fully captured how I feel about this odious buffoon. But I feel a little better for having tried.