This Irish disabled man has more in common with L.G.B.T. community and foreigners than he thinks

“When are we going to have a voice?” said the commenter with a disability on my YouTube channel.

In his comment under my video about freedom of speech/expression in Irish law he refers to himself being “an Irish disabled man living in my own country” and “other people with different backgrounds like L.G.B.T+ their own issues gets talked about..”

You do not have to dig too deeply within the lines of his comment to see the influence of the right-wing boors and goons stoking fear and hatred in Irish society about LGBT and foreigners/asylum seekers.

This man has protection under Irish law-for example, the Employment Equality Acts and the Equal Status Acts. These laws protect people like him and LGBT people and people of different ethnic origins, religion etc.

It is sad to see the divide being created by the agitators on the far right, the odious characters attacking book readings in libraries for small children.

This Irish disabled man living in his own country has far more in common with the LGBT and other communities he is being asked to blame and point the finger at than with the right wing knuckle draggers who seek to sow division in Irish society.