The biggest frustration of content marketing

I am an enthusiastic exponent of content marketing to help build my business and personal brand.

I have been doing it for years and it has been tremendously effective in doing what I set out to do. 

Like any tactic or strategy, it has one or two frustrations, the biggest of which is inane, ignorant, misguided, misinformed, downright stupid comments I have to witness being posted under the content on sites like YouTube or Facebook.

Yes, I am well aware that it would be far worse if the content I made went completely unnoticed and unremarked. And I am also aware of the power I have to delete comments and block users. 

But I do not want to spend my time weeding out comments for deletion and acting like a censor.

Although when a comment is particularly ill informed or insulting, I will have no problem deleting and/or blocking.

But the frustration of sheer inanity of some comments can wear you down to the point of thinking why I should give these muppets an opportunity to publish such dumb comments. 

Then I think that if they are not doing it on my video or post there are plenty of other venues.

So, I will continue to build my business with content marketing. If you want to learn about the strategy underpinning what I do, and have done for years, you might be interested in my book, “The Art of Marketing Your Services Based Business Online..”