The 5 year memory book-an ambitious but worthwhile project?

I went into Easons yesterday morning on my Christmas Shopping commando exercise.

And I came across this notebook by Leuchturm1917, a German company, which allows you to record, over a period of five years, some of your daily thoughts.

“Some lines a day” and “5-year memory book” it says.

I am a big fan of Leuchturm1917 notebooks and have a number of them already.

This one tickled my fancy because it proposes a 5 year project and only asks you to commit “some lines” each day of the 5 year term. That can’t be too hard, I thought.

I hope I can keep to my commitment for the full term.

And at the end of it? One day, some family member may see it as a cherished thing to have.

Or maybe I’ll keep it and start another one.  And maybe I will learn something from it.

Who knows?