Tell your solicitor all the facts or it could prove expensive

I have what might be described as an old fashioned, conservative view of legal costs.

I believe in weighing up carefully, before embarking on litigation, the costs of doing so and what may happen depending on the outcome of the dispute.

For this reason, I would be slow to commence High Court proceedings, especially an application to obtain an injunction. Perhaps I am overly conservative and too cautious.

But if you want to rush headlong to the High Court to make an application that might cost anything between €10,000 and €30,000 you may have to look elsewhere for a solicitor.

Recently, however, I was ready to do just that and instruct counsel to bring an application for an injunction.

I was ready, that is, until I discovered one vital fact that my client had either glossed over or failed to tell me. This fact was a game changer and would have had profound consequences on any application for an injunction.

In fact, it would almost certainly have been fatal to the application.

Thankfully, I discovered the fact in time.

If you are going to instruct a solicitor in any dispute, make sure you tell her all the facts.

Not 80% or 90%, or it could prove expensive.