Structure of a vlog (Part 1)

I was watching a video yesterday about how a guy who has worked in television in the United States and who is publishing vlogs (almost) daily on YouTube.

He uses a structure which he says is in use in television programmes and shows as a matter of best practice. He refers to is as the HIVE structure.

“H” stands for the hook, the first piece of the video which gives the viewer a reason to watch.

“I” stands for introduction, where you introduce your video and set the scene.

“V” stands for value where you deliver the value you have promised and “E” stands for the end of your vlog.

It is probably as good a structure as any and may even be the best. It is important to have a structure, I believe, especially when it comes to vlogging or the risk is always to ramble on incoherently in what descends into a boring mish mash of footage stitched together.

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