Slogans and sound bites online-I blame Trump

A common feature of the comments you will read on the various online sites such as TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. is the use of slogans and mantras to spread misinformation, disinformation, falsehoods, lies, myths.

It is as if these individuals all crawled out from under the same rock and decided on a form or words and vocabulary to be used online, regardless of the meaning, circumstances, topic being discussed.

Words like globalists, communists, unvetted males of army going age, woke, wokist, etc.

These words and phrases by commenters who, in many cases, simply do not know the meaning of the word, the true meaning that is. For example, the guy who claimed on my TikTok page last week that the Irish government was full of globalists and communists.

You can accuse the Irish government of many things. But communism?

Identify one communist in the Irish government. Or in any previous government since the foundation of the State.

I blame Trump.

He has given a license to the knuckle draggers, ill-informed, misinformed, uncomprehending, staring idiots you encounter online these days.

I have no problem with different opinions from mine. But at least ground them in some semblance of truth.

And use words you understand and give them their plain meaning in English. Please.