Michelangelo’s David too pornographic for School Board in Florida- Principal forced to resign

David by Michelangelo

Parents in a school in Tallahassee in Florida complained about their students being exposed to the iconic image of David by Michelangelo from the 16th century.

And the Floridian equivalent of the Board of Management of the school forced the Principal to resign or be fired.

The parents of the Christian school in the state of a far-right governor, Ron DeSantis, complained about the exposure of their children to Michelangelo’s masterpiece forcing the school’s governing body to call for the principal’s resignation.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is expanding the legislation to ensure the prohibition of sex education and gender identity programmes in Florida schools.

The chairperson of the board denied the problem was the exposing of the pupils to the iconic statue but the failure to warn parents beforehand.

The response of this board of management can be compared and contrasted with the board of management of Wilson’s Hospital School in the Enoch Burke dispute.

And you can draw your own conclusions as to which one you would prefer to ensure a rounded education for your child.

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