Making videos with my iPhone-an experiment

Today I am going to make a video with my iPhone, as a type of experiment.

I want to see what the quality is like-that is, the audio and video quality-and see how it feels and what problems, if any, occur.

The reason for trying this experiment is the fact that we almost always have our mobile/smartphone with us and they are ideal for making videos, assuming the audio and video are of acceptable quality. And the quality of cameras in modern smartphones ensures that any videos should be of perfectly acceptable quality.

The smartphone is much more discreet and unobtrusive versus carrying a camera when making a video in public or when you are out and about. It is also easy to use in the car while driving as most of us have little phone holders in the car. If that is the case making a video is a simple task of pressing a button.

So, that is my plan today. And, as it happens, I am going to the Four Courts Law Library for a settlement meeting today so should be able to tie that into a vlog that might be of interest to others who follow my YouTube channel.