Making transactional versus relational videos

I have written previously about making transactional versus relational videos for my YouTube channel.

Essentially, transactional videos are videos which answer questions that people have or give valuable information about issues that exercise viewers. They are the bread and butter of an informational/educational YouTube channel such as mine.

Relational videos are different.

They seek to establish points of common interest in between the creator of the video and the viewer with a view to developing a more holistic, long term relationship. Typical of this type of video would be “a day in the life” type video or a vlog.

After making as many videos as I have at this point making the transactional type video can become boring and less than fulfilling. But you cannot go completely over to the relational side as the transactional ones provide the engine of growth.

So, you have to find a happy balance between making the videos you need to make versus the videos you want to and enjoy making.

Now I make some videos for the viewer, and some for me. I think this is a fair deal. And if it’s not, I don’t care.

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