Making ‘average’ but ‘sleeper’ videos 

I published two videos over the last 2 days on Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday.

The first one was about a developer suing a planning objector for the return of €20,000 and damages in respect of a planning application of the developers.

I knew before I published this video that it would perform well and it has. It has performed well above the normal with a massive number of likes and comments.

The second video was about moving to Ireland from the UK and a cycle in the Irish countryside. I did not expect this to perform nearly as well as it will only appeals to an audience outside Ireland-that is, in the United Kingdom.

I expect this video might be a sleeper.

That is, it has performed ‘average’ for the first couple of days. But I would expect it to perform well, better, over a long period of time as I think it might be a ‘sleeper’.

Sometimes it makes sense to make and publish videos that are not instantly popular, and you know this at the outset.

But over time it will make the investment of time and effort well worth it with a long, lifetime performance of ranking for specific terms that I would like to target.

Let’s wait and see.

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