Making a virtuous circle of small business marketing

One of the things I want to look at over the Christmastime is my marketing of my business and my brand in 2024.

I want particularly to look at the concept of aligning the things I like doing with my marketing efforts. For example, taking photographs, making videos, writing.

I think I can create more of a virtuous circle between my hobbies and activities I like doing with the things that need to be done to market my business.

This whole area is well worth exploring and brainstorming. By way of an example, I could make a meme for Instagram (and elsewhere) from observations I have made in my notebook and photographs I have taken.

There would be an added benefit for me of revisiting something I have learned and valued so much that I have written it down in my notebook. The danger, of course, in learning things and writing them into a notebook is that they will be left in the notebook and forgotten unless there is an active commitment to returning to those observations on a regular basis.

Making memes with photographs I have taken and things I have learned can work on a number of levels.