Is the legal system in Ireland corrupt?

I published a video yesterday on my YouTube channel, ā€œIs the legal system in Ireland corrupt?ā€ and it has generated a tremendous amount of comment.

Much of the comment I would disagree with, to different degrees. And I would expect that many of the opinions with which I might agree have not been published, simply because the commenter may take the view that the video title has an element of click bait about it or the view that is not expressed is so correct and self-evident that it does not need to be published.

In other words, the view may be taken that the comments on this video are for they individuals who believe strongly that the judiciary and legal system in Ireland is corrupt and there is no point commenting.

For me it has shown me that one can make video titles that will generate heat and comment in large measures. The original title for this video would never had generated such interest.