I’m no artist

I’ve never seen myself as artistic and would never claim to be an artist.

I would have viewed myself as far too pragmatic and worldly for that type of thing.

But now I am torn between a number of activities which I engage in as a type of hobby and you might consider them, whisper it softly, artistic endeavours.

I love writing and have written every day on this blog since 31st January 2022.

But I have also developed a liking for taking photographs and would make good use of Instagram to publish regularly, and I need photographs for other purposes, too, such as thumbnails for my YouTube videos.

And, of course, I love making videos and have begun to take an interest in how to make a good short film, how to tell story through video/film, the techniques used to enhance visual storytelling.

So, now I am torn all the time between these three different areas which I indulge in every day or at the weekend. Sometimes, I fear I should be concentrating on one activity over the others.

But more often I just do what I enjoy at a particular point in time.  And isn’t that the whole point of having hobbies?