I used to hate cutting the grass

I used to hate cutting the grass around our place at home. I saw it as such a waste of my valuable time.

And no sooner would I have cut it, but I would have to do the same thing the following Saturday. And the following. And so on.

Now I am looking forward to cutting it. I might even cut it tomorrow for the first time in 2023.

After a long winter with short days and long nights I noticed before I left for work this morning in the darkness that the grass had grown long. There appeared to be a bit of growth and it is getting thick enough.

I look forward to the time I will spend cutting it. It won’t be a waste of my time for it will be a vibrant reminder of the coming of Spring. There will be visual cues and the smell of the cut grass that will prove the onset of the coming year.

And I will have a good podcast or audiobook to listen to for the hour or so that it will take to cut. I am listening to “The Gulag Archipelago” at the moment.

So, no-not a waste of time but an enjoyable task to which I now look forward. And I get to do it every week, God willing.