I published this audiobook 12 days ago and have been stunned by the sales

On 22nd December 2021 I published my fourth book on the Audible audiobook platform owned by Amazon.

I have been pleasantly surprised, bordering on stunned, by how well the book is selling.

Today, the 3rd January 2022, I have sold 15 audiobooks. This is in excess of 1 audiobook per day-an average of 1.25 books per day since then.

The book is a short one called “The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online: How to Get New Clients With a Proven, Inexpensive 5 Part Digital Marketing Strategy”. I had submitted this book to ACX for approval and listing in March 2021 but forgot all about it.

Approaching the Christmas holiday season I decided I would contact Amazon/ACX and see what was happening. I did not have any great hopes for the book and was only following up as I had paid a voiceover artist to read it as part of the production process.

I figured that I had spent the money, made the product so why not at least have it listed and a trickle of sales, in addition to my other titles, would add up over time.

This is my fourth audiobook on Audible and they have all sold steadily enough since I first launched them.

But this book’s performance has made me think again about the untapped potential of audiobooks for a would be digital entrepreneur.

What’s different about this book is that it has wide geographical application and is not restricted by geographical boundaries whereas my other 3 books are all connected with Ireland specifically. The principles in this book are also universally applicable.

However, I genuinely do not know who is buying the book-that is, are they persons in Ireland who know me and my work or are they from outside Ireland but are running small businesses or are sole traders/solo entrepreneurs who simply need to get more clients.

In any event, I will be looking at this whole area again and will be checking out if there is scope for further books in 2022. I must admit that I get a great kick out of logging into my Audible/ACX account every morning and checking if there has been a change in sales.

Is this something you could consider? Have you some knowledge or skill or experience that others might find useful? If so, the opportunities are out there at the other side of a keyboard on the Amazon/Kindle/Audible platforms.