Human nature and ego

Human nature and ego is an enduring, universal thing.

I drafted a letter some time ago and it was threatening an employer with an application for a High Court injunction to prevent my client’s termination going ahead.

I sent it to senior and junior counsel for approval, as requested by the senior. The letter was not the most compelling or fear inducing letter you might encounter, but I thought it did the job.

Workmanlike, I would have said.

The junior counsel rang me to go through it and suggested quite a few changes, some of which were on the basis of his preference for one word over another and other minor changes.

Minor to my mind, in any case. But I made the changes and was ready to pull the trigger and send it to the employer when I received an email from the senior counsel who made one slight amendment to my letter as drafted and told me to go ahead and send, it was fine.

I wondered afterwards about the minor changes and preferences that the junior counsel advised. And I wonder about ego and human nature being enduring and universal.