Getting dragged down by asinine, uninformed comments

I publish a large amount of video content on various social media channels.

Video marketing plays a central role in the marketing of my business and my own brand (being a sole trader/sole practitioner).

Much of my content generates a great deal of comment, which is great as I want my stuff to generate engagement and perform well on the various sites. But some of the comments are so off the wall, so misinformed or uninformed, so ignorant of the topic at issue that I sometimes despair.

And then someone will make a perceptive, intelligent, though provoking comment and all will be well with the world again.

It would be easy to get dragged down by the uninformed, ignorant, racist, homophobic, transphobic knuckle draggers.

Therefore, I must work hard every day not to get involved, not to retaliate and just focus on making the best content I can make.

That will continue into 2024.

As for my content marketing strategy, my book which is available on Amazon explains the strategy I have used since 2011 and which has not changed much in the succeeding years.

And which works.