Free legal advice

The number of persons who contact me on the various social media sites, and by email, looking for free advice would surprise you.

People seem to assume that because I pump out useful free content on various legal and business topics that I will advise them for free when they contact me.

That is not the case and I have explained this a few times in the past. The main reason is it would be tremendously time consuming to do so.

But the main reason is if I am going to be sued for negligence or poor professional advice at the very least, I want to have charged the person in the first instance. It would be galling to be sued or be the subject of a complaint to the LSRA for free advice given generously but without all the relevant facts.

Most people accept and recognise this.

A few fail to see the comparison with me walking into Supervalu in Enfield on a Saturday and looking for a nice steak and a bottle of red, for free.