Finding an enthusiastic drone community in Ireland

Since my recent purchase of a drone, and subsequent videos about the purchase and later crashing and loss of the same drone, I have discovered a large, enthusiastic community of drone owners exist in Ireland.

They have been tremendously helpful and encouraging to me with the generous offer of tips, information, and their shared experience of flying drones.

I have made a number of videos ranging from the purchase to the crash and loss to my attempts to purchase a replacement this week in Dublin.

The comments on my YouTube channel and Facebook pages have been great, even from people who do not own a drone but enjoyed the bit of footage I posted online.

There is also a good group of people who are on the fence about getting a drone for themselves and may have been persuaded by the obvious pleasure I derived from flying mine (when I had it!).

Anyway, I have a new drone on the way and look forward to flying it and posting some nice footage online.

I will also have to do my drone operator licence, according to the Irish Aviation Authority, as my drone has a camera.