Being misunderstood is still worthwhile

It’s only when you put something into the world expressing an opinion or making an argument that you realise how others can misunderstand what you are saying.

Often this misunderstanding is born out of a particular view of the world or section of society and a rush to attribute the opposite view to you.

Or it may be that the ability of the reader or watcher or listener to understand the point you are making is limited bordering on non-existent.

In any case, if you make a blog post or publish a video you may be prepared for the intentional or unintentional misinterpreting of the point you wish to make.

It comes with the territory and is to be expected.

For every person who misunderstands you, however, there are plenty of others who fully agree with you. It is these individuals who make your effort worthwhile, notwithstanding the others.