A traitor to your people

A commenter accused me of being a “traitor to your people” under my latest Enoch Burke video, the one explaining Burke’s appearance in the High Court last week and being given the opportunity to purge his contempt and be released from Mountjoy prison.

Burke failed to avail of the opportunity and was returned to prison.

The usual suspects showed up in the comments section of my videos on the various platforms including Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

This idiotic, asinine comment about being “a traitor to your people” if I supported this nonsense (gender recognition) is a novel spin, however.

I suspect that many of Burke’s supporters on this issue actually hate gay people, never mind transgender persons.

So, to be clear, I support the law of the land, which includes the Gender Recognition Act, 2015.

And, yes, I support gay people and transgender people. And black and yellow and brown people, too.

And foreigners and persons who do not look or sound like me.