A podcast worth listening to: “Empire”

It is understandable, given the ease with which you can start and publish a podcast nowadays, that the quality varies widely between top quality and pure rubbish.

The vast majority of podcasts would probably fall into the second category. But occasionally you come across an absolute gem.

I have started listening to one such high quality podcast called “Empire”. It brings an expertise to the topic of empire generally with a particular focus in the early episodes on the rule of India by the East India Company from England.

It goes on to deal with other empires including Byzantium and Ottoman empires.

I have only listened to a couple of episodes as I only discovered it at the weekend but I am looking forward to the rest of it as it is tremendously engaging and the inclusion of  colour with real people and all their imperfections adding a degree of proximity to the history unfolding.

You can check out Empire here.

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