Vlogging-why would you vlog?

I watched a video last night which explained why vlogging is so popular and why a person like me, or other small business owner, might create vlogs.

A vlog, as I understand it anyway, is a video log. It is a bit like a diary entry except you are creating the content with a video. The video will typically be a ‘day in the life’ type, gritty video rather than something that his highly polished or produced.

It can also tell a story in a day, or perhaps over a longer period of time.

But my vlog will be a ‘day in the life’ type video. Anyway, I have started doing one today and intend giving a look into my typical day.

The reason why people like this type of video is the human trait of curiosity and having a look into someone else’s life. I can understand that.

But I have never been able to figure out what was in it for the creator. Especially one like me who runs a small business and uses video to generate clients and grow my business.

The video I watched last night by Matti Haapoja explained what’s in it for me: connection. A greater sense of connection between my viewer and me.

And the greater the sense of connection, the more likely a viewer will become a fan and a client.

Anyway, you can check out my YouTube channel and see the outcome of my daily vlog on 4th March 2022, when the day is completed and the video is edited and published.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or under the video.

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