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Twitter-my “Project 10,000 followers”

28th October 2020

I have 818 Twitter followers as I write this on 28th October 2020. I have a goal and plan to reach 10,000 followers and I hope to do so in approximately 12 months.

It would be reasonable to assume that I am hopelessly deluded in growing my Twitter account to that extent. Especially when you consider I am on Twitter since 2013 and have only reached 818 followers at this point 7 years later.

But I do have a plan and have confidence that I can really grow the account over the next year, if I implement my plan. If I fall short but go a long way towards that targe I may be satisfied, but I will review the situation at that point.

And it is not my intention to use any spammy strategies such as doing follow for follow or buying fake followers.

No, the intention is to grow organically and build up a significant base of real followers.

I have had a love/hate relationship with Twitter for as long as I can remember. I oscillate between finding some genuine gems of information, accounts and tweets and throwing my hands up and saying “Twitter is definitely a cess pool, a fire hose of sewerage”.

And I have succeeded in growing significant followings on YouTube and Facebook, and a smaller, but engaged, following on Instagram. I know I have generated a great deal of clients from these platforms.

But when I look at my Twitter account by comparison it is a source of frustration on account of the lack of growth considering the effort I have put into it.

Now, I am looking forward to the challenge and seeing how far I can grow the account.

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