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My viral Tweet

I had a tweet go viral last week-viral for me, anyway. Incredible to think that the strategy for @realDonaldTrump was to "flood the zone with shit" such that people would be unable or unwilling to spot the difference 🤔 — Terry Gorry. Solicitor. Entrepreneur (@TGorrySolicitor) October 25, 2020 The tweet was actually a retweet […]

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Twitter-my “Project 10,000 followers”

I have 818 Twitter followers as I write this on 28th October 2020. I have a goal and plan to reach 10,000 followers and I hope to do so in approximately 12 months. It would be reasonable to assume that I am hopelessly deluded in growing my Twitter account to that extent. Especially when you […]

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Is Twitter Addiction Real?

Are you a regular user of Twitter? I’m not, although I do use the platform to push out links to blog posts or videos I have made concerning Irish law or business. I do this on ‘autopilot’ by using a scheduling tool called ‘Buffer’. There is plenty of such tools but this is my favourite […]

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Why I Am Returning to Twitter

I gave up on Twitter some time ago as a waste of my time and attention; but I’m reconsidering this decision now and I’ll tell you why. Before I do that, however, let me tell you why I quit. The main reason was that the tweets I did publish appeared to make little impression, did […]