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10,000 YouTube subscribers-was it worth it? What have I gained?

10,000 YouTube subscribers. It’s hard to believe. I received notification in the early hours this morning that I had reached 10,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. It is especially difficult to believe,  when I look back to the first video I uploaded to YouTube. That was on St. Patrick’s day, 2011, nearly ten years ago. […]

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Why I Am Ignoring the Findings of My Own Poll Results

I am ignoring the findings of my own poll, carried out on my YouTube channel, and am catering for the minority view, not the majority. The easiest thing to do is to follow the majority, do the popular thing, take the path of least resistance, and cater for the masses. I polled my YouTube subscribers […]

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2,000 YouTube Subscribers Later-My 4 Fundamentals To Grow a Small Business Online

I got a great deal of quiet satisfaction this week from reaching my 2,000th subscriber to my YouTube channel. I uploaded my first video in March 2011 and it took from then until the third quarter of 2018 to grow my subscriber base to 1,000. But it only took a couple of months to add […]