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Why You Need a Strong Questioning Filter When Consuming Digital Marketing Advice

I listen to a lot of podcasts, most of which are concerned with online marketing. The vast majority  are of limited value, but there are some notable exceptions. And within those exceptions you need to apply a certain personalised filter to extract value for your particular circumstances. Let me give you one example.  Today I […]

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Substance over form in your marketing-the value of authenticity and choosing cattle over hat

I had just come back from a Sunday morning run at the time of the Maria Bailey hotel swing fall case controversy when I made a video about the matter. My video sought to extract some lessons from the whole affair; not political or public relations lessons but legal lessons based on the principles of […]

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Digital Panhandling Is Not a Marketing Strategy

If you are running your own small business and it is heavily dependent on spamming your friends on the various social media platforms to buy your stuff you probably don’t have a real business. You almost certainly need to reconsider your marketing strategy, assuming one was generous enough to consider such unwanted, uninvited interruptions online […]

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“The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online: How to Get New Clients With a Proven, Inexpensive 5 Part Digital Marketing Strategy”-Update in the Pipeline

I was delighted when I checked the latest reviews of my books for sale on Amazon and Kindle. Reviews, especially bad ones, can break a book’s life; no reviews at all are not helpful either and it is challenging to get readers to leave a review. I have 6 titles for sale which can be […]