Witnessing wills from the car and spraying the €50 notes

I traveled out from my office yesterday, with my trusty secretary, to witness the signing of wills for a couple who are cocooning at home as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. And it was a surreal experience, one I never imagined I would witness. We drove through the entrance to the property at […]

Small Business

Spare a Thought for the Publicans

Imagine being a publican at the moment. Imagine you are in a sparsely populated rural area and there is a couple of generations of the same family working in, and trying to extract a living from, a pub. Things are tough enough to begin with, especially since the drink driving laws have tightened up in […]

Self Improvement

The COVID-19 Lockdown-a Good Time For Stillness and Some Focused Thinking?

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing gut wrenching fear for a large number of business owners-the type of fear that most of them will never have encountered before, nor contemplated as a real possibility. But it’s here now. The most frightening aspects for many are They have no control whatsoever over their circumstances or trading conditions-most […]


Coronavirus/COVID-19-the Debilitating Impact on Our Ordinary, Boring Lives

It all started with the cancellation of the Ryanair flights. We had a weekend away in Venice booked and paid for and I was looking forward to it with great enthusiasm. That went by the wayside with the worsening COVID-19 situation. Then the other realisations kicked in and began to bite in our everyday lives. […]