The Best 10 Minutes of My Day

My favourite time of the day is the ten minutes in the morning it takes me to drive to work. When I leave the house it is usually between 6.15 am and 6.30 am and it takes approximately ten minutes to reach my office in Enfield.

In that ten minutes, however, I am transported to another world courtesy of my mobile phone and the Audible app which allows me to listen to the novels of Charles Dickens.

It is not just the stories; it is not just Dickens’s use of words; it is not just his construction of sentences, paragraphs, chapters and books; the narration is also a huge factor in my enjoyment and transport me, however briefly, to another world.

A world of London in the mid 1800s, and the tough life for working class people, and the class system, and the idea of a good marriage being one made  between money and blood.

The ability of the narrators such as Simon Callow, Martin Jarvis, Owen Teale, and other professional British actors to carry off the various accents of the characters is a vital factor in the overall audiobook experience.

To my mind Charles Dickens is the pre-eminent writer in the English language.

The first book of his that I read was “Bleak House”, Dickens’s great criticism of the legal profession.

It was tough going at first-tough because of the words he used, the length of his sentences, the length of his paragraphs, the length of the book’s chapters, and the doubt whether it was worth my time or not, whether there was a story in there at the end of it.

Boy, how there was a story. Each and every time. A story populated with such memorable characters.

I am tremendously glad, a few short years later, that I persisted.

Like cheese or Guinness or many of the finer things in life for which it is worthwhile to cultivate a taste, it may not be sweetly saccharine and digestible at the first attempt.

But the perseverance has been worth it and now I admit to having read many of his books more than once, and am also making my way through the audiobook versions.

Presently I am reading “Bleak House” for the second time, having also listened to the audio book, and am listening to “Dombey and Son”.

I believe that reading Dickens’s books has helped me greatly to improve my vocabulary, improve my writing in my day to day work as a solicitor, and assisted in the fight against the invasion of the use of trite, meaningless words from across the Atlantic-words such as “super” and “awesome” and “sick” and “amped”.

I also have great fun from time to time “speaking Dickens” to my wife by observing that she is once again “going into society” when she is going out to meet a friend or “improving my acquaintance” with someone when I myself am meeting someone or when I “lay to prodigiously” when I am describing how I polished off a meal or when I talk about “feeling all the glories of dissipation” after a rare overindulgence in alcohol.

The characters that populate his books, too, are a wonder to behold and tremendously memorable; characters such as Carker the manger in Dombey and son or Uriah Heep in David Copperfield or Fagin or the Artful Dodger or Master Bates or Bill Sykes or Nancy in Oliver Twist or Thomas Gradgrind and Josiah Bounderby in Hard Times or the various solicitors such as Mr. Tulkinghorn or Mr. Vholes in Bleak House or the wide range of saintly female characters such as Little Dorrit or Florence Dombey in Dombey & Son.

And the villains, the villians you have no difficulty hating with a passion so true to life and credible are they.

To make things even better many of Dickens’s books are considered to be “classics” which means they are available for free or a pittance on or

Race to the Bottom With Your Costs, Not Your Pricing

I was in traffic during the week and I spotted a small removals van with a sign emblazoned on the sides. It said something like “Your entire home moved for €249/299“.

And it struck me that the guy better have a way to cross sell, up sell, sell add-ons, sell trimmings/extras or he won’t last long in business. Because the problem with trying to run or grow your business on being the cheapest has a fundamental weakness: somebody else will come along and be cheaper.

And you are screwed.

Now it is true that the guy could have been using this offer as a loss leader, something to get people into his net and give him a chance to offer them more profitable services or add ons.

I sincerely hope so.

Racing to the bottom with your costs is not only rational and sensible, it is a necessary part of your business.

But racing to the bottom with your pricing will leave you struggling to make a living.

2,000 YouTube Subscribers Later-My 4 Fundamentals To Grow a Small Business Online

terry gorry youtube

I got a great deal of quiet satisfaction this week from reaching my 2,000th subscriber to my YouTube channel.

I uploaded my first video in March 2011 and it took from then until the third quarter of 2018 to grow my subscriber base to 1,000.

But it only took a couple of months to add an extra 1,000, which bodes well for 2019 and beyond.

I also get a great kick from the fact that I did it without any ‘expert’ help.

No digital marketing guru, no video marketing expert, no expensive equipment, no cameraman, no editor, no studio time. (I have nothing against experts; but don’t tell me, show me.)

Just me and my mobile phone and a $20 webcam purchased on Amazon.

I made all the videos myself, made mistakes, made rubbish, researched answers to questions, improved a little, Googled some more to find more answers, sought out tips, techniques on YouTube, subscribed to good Youtubers, learned from them, learned from my mistakes, learned from trial and error.

And I have loved the journey, the journey of discovery, discovery about making videos, discovery about video marketing, discovery about marketing, discovery about myself, discovery about communication, discovery about hustling and rainmaking in a digital age.

And bit by bit, step by step, gradually the videos improved, and my subscriber growth has a little bit of momentum now which should help maintain my growth rate into the future.

All the videos have been made with my mobile phone or a cheap desktop webcam and a video editing software program called ‘Camtasia’, sometimes with slides from Google Slides or Powerpoint and sometimes with just me being a ‘talking head’.

The greatest thrill, however, is being able to grow my solicitor’s business and my personal brand with the help of YouTube.

And underlying this growth is four fundamental principles I firmly believe in to grow a small business nowadays:

  1. There are very few gatekeepers now-that is, I can pick myself and don’t need anyone else’s permission or approval to communicate with those I try to serve.
  2. An attitude of “Here-I made this, you might find it useful. It’s not for everyone, but I don’t try to serve everyone, but you might find utility in it.
  3. Don’t like my video/blog post? That’s fine because I will make another one (video, blog post) tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day, maybe you’ll find one of those useful.
  4. Drip by drip, bit by bit, small step by small step.

You can check out my YouTube channel here, my employment law website here, my solicitor’s website here, my small business website here.

Drip by drip.

Words Really Do Matter (Why I Hate the Absurd Overuse of This Word)

I don’t know when exactly this particular word entered into usage in the way that it has but like all these trends  it came from the United States. And it drives me bananas.

Pass the sick bucket, please.

The word I refer to is “super”.

The use of the word “super” in describing something as “super good” or  “super easy” is an affront to the English language. And I love the English language, and its words.

I strongly believe that words matter and if something is “super good” why not say “great”?

Or if something is “super easy” why not say “simple” or “facile”?

There’s a guy on YouTube whose videos I watch but his frequent use of “super amped” to describe his feeling of excitement concerning making his video or telling his story cracks me up.

And “super sick” or “super dope” is a step too far when it comes to accepting that language and words have always evolved and changed.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned, clinging to the past and an accepted, fixed meaning for words.

And unfortunately I have noticed the irrational, absurd, inaccurate use of this word beginning to creep into everyday use in Ireland.

I am just hoping it will blow over sooner rather than later.

But I will be happy to wait in the hope that I will hear people using other  suitable words from the English dictionary.

Because there’s lots of them, and better, more accurate words.

Dombey & Son By Charles Dickens-an Early Feminist Novel?

Charles Dickens

One of the greatest pleasures I have discovered in the last ten years or so is the genius of Charles Dickens. It started with Bleak House as this was a book recommended as one that would interest anyone with an interest in the law and legal system.

It took a while to get into his wordy, florid, detailed style and it was, at first, a struggle. But I persevered and am delighted that I did.

At this stage I believe I have read every book Dickens has written, with the exception of Dombey & Son. And I am putting that right at the moment.

I am enjoying Dombey & Son via Audible audio books and the pleasure I derive from listening to a RADA trained English actor bringing all the diverse, interesting characters to life with their superb readings is tremendous.

Dombey & Son is about, among other themes, the pride that Mr. Dombey, a well to do  businessman , enjoys with the birth of a long awaited son. It is said that prior to the birth of the son that “girls are given away in this house”.

However, things do not turn out as expected as the son grows up to be a waster and his older, ignored sister turns out to be a wonderful, caring person.

I have only listened to about 3 chapters so far but I am really looking forward to the rest of it.

2 Books That Could Change Your Life

I read and listen to a large number of books on a monthly and yearly basis.

Some are eminently forgettable, some are average, and a small few can change your life.

I’ve read two such books in the last year or so.

Both, coincidentally, were written by psychiatrists and both of them give the same advice about the power of individual choice and how you react to circumstances.

The first one was written by Viktor Frankl called “Man’s Search for Meaning“. Frankl was a holocaust survivor from Vienna who saw his pregnant wife and family being sent to the gas chambers in the German concentration camps during world war two.

Frankl’s central thesis is that your circumstances, no matter how grim and uncontrollable,  should not determine your life or happiness or well being or outlook; the critical thing is how your choose to react to your circumstances.

And the vital lesson is even though you cannot determine your circumstances you have a choice as to how you respond.

Frankly noticed an enormous difference between those prisoners in the camps who were overwhelmed by their circumstances and those who chose to be positive.

The other book is “The Chimp Paradox” by Prof Steve Peters, a UK based professor of psychiatry.

This book explains in easy to understand language that your psychological make up can be seen as having 3 parts: human, chimp, and computer.

And you do not want to let your chimp do your thinking for you as it will involve emotional, reactive, bias/hunch based thinking.

You want to let your human do the thinking and decision making based on facts and evidence, not hunches or feelings. The chimp and human are completely different with the chimp being concerned with survival and self perpetuation while the human is concerned with a search for meaning in life, fairness, and self fulfillment.

The chimp paradox is that your chimp can be your best friend or worst enemy if you do not learn how to manage him.

And the book gives you a series of exercises and clear ideas to help you manage your chimp and ensure the human part of your psychological make up is doing your thinking for you.

Both of these books are tremendously valuable in a way that can genuinely help you in your day to day living by providing you with the mental tools to manage your chimp , reduce stress, and make sound decisions.

Where Have All the Gatekeepers Gone?

Not too long ago if you wanted to write and publish a book you had to get a publisher.

The publisher, if he approved, would get your book into the bookshop. He was the gatekeeper.


You don’t need a publisher because you can do it yourself with Amazon. Here’s my Amazon author page, for example.

If you wanted to make a movie/film you needed a movie producer or someone to ask and pay for you to make a documentary. 

Now? You can start a YouTube channel if you have a mobile phone and let’s face it: everyone has a mobile phone. Here’s my YouTube channel.

If you wanted to publish an opinion or point of view you needed some place that would provide two things:

  • an audience
  • a way of publishing your view. 

Now? There is no gatekeeper preventing you from publishing your views, observations, opinions, message to your heart’s consent.

You can start a free blog/website with or and distribute widely what you publish on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever you choose.

Not all the gatekeepers are gone, however. For example if you want to be a solicitor you will need to pass the exams, and meet the requirements, of the Law Society of Ireland.

If you want to be a doctor you will need to meet requirements to get into medical school and meet the requirements of the Medical Council.

This is not a bad thing; we need to set certain standards in many areas of life.

But if you have something of value to offer or something to say take a quick look around and you will almost certainly see that the only gatekeeper is you.

I Care That You Don’t Like My YouTube Video

I am not going to lie-I do care that you don’t like my video.

I made it and uploaded it to YouTube because I thought it had some value, some utility. And seeing that little thumbs down icon always hurts a little.

It hurts if it is genuine and my video is truly worthy of the thumbs down.

I don’t care, however, if you gave it the thumbs down because you are a begrudger.

I don’t care if you are a whinger.

Or a naysayer.

Or a hater.

Or a regular habitue of the swamp of jealously and envy.

And the bad news for you, and good news for me, is that tomorrow I get the chance to upload another.

And another.

Because all I need is a mobile phone, an internet connection, and an idea.

And there are no gatekeepers now. Very few, anyway.

So, you can sit on the sideline and boo and give me the thumbs down when I make a video and upload to my YouTube channel.

Work away, knock yourself out. You only get one vote, though.

Meanwhile, I will keep making stuff and putting it into the world, and having a say.

And trying to serve the people I make it for.

It’s not for everyone, and if it’s not for you? Bang away on that button.

YouTube Advertising-Are You Using This Stunningly Cost Effective Digital Marketing Channel?

If you are not using YouTube advertising for your business you are missing a great opportunity.

It is incredibly cost effective and I am getting video views for all my campaigns at 1 cent per view and, for some, much less than that.

YouTube advertising cost of less than .005 cent per view (Click image to enlarge)

For example my “Residential Property” campaign has delivered 1,491 views over the last 7 days at a cost of Euros 7.38.

This is stunning because the cost per video view is 0.00494969818; yes, less than .5 of a cent.

And a video view on YouTube is only counted when a viewer has watched in excess of 30 seconds of your video. If someone watches for 25, 28, 29 seconds and clicks away I am not charged a cent.

Not one cent.

Imagine being able to communicate by word, voice, body language, gesture, facial expression with 1,491 people-how much is that worth?

Imagine getting 1,491 people into a hotel in Dublin or Cork or Galway or Limerick or a provincial town and giving them useful information which would position you as an expert in your area of business. Would that be worth less than 10 euros?

Currently YouTube is wide open for any Irish business to exploit and put to stunningly effective use for the benefit of the business. From what I see there are very few Irish businesses wading in, though, and picking the low hanging fruit.

Even less are availing of the advertising opportunity on YouTube.

This is a huge mistake, one that I find puzzling and inexplicable.

Meanwhile, though, I am delighted to ‘fill my boots’ and grow my subscriber base, leads, clients, and solicitor’s practice on YouTube.

(You can take a look at my YouTube channel here.)