The Evolution of Hip Hop

I’m watching a documentary series on Netflix at the moment called ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’. It is a look at the role of hip hop and rap music in society, how it started and evolved. I have an interest in hip hop and rap music, primarily because of the importance of words in rap and hip-hop music. […]

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Is Twitter Addiction Real?

Are you a regular user of Twitter? I’m not, although I do use the platform to push out links to blog posts or videos I have made concerning Irish law or business. I do this on ‘autopilot’ by using a scheduling tool called ‘Buffer’. There is plenty of such tools but this is my favourite […]

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Growing Old

It’s my birthday this week and I have been thinking about growing old, and what it means. I think I have come to the conclusion that growing old is when you do not want to learn new things. Growing old is when you do not want to make YouTube videos. Growing old is when you […]

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Ready for School (the saddest thing)

It was the saddest thing I heard in a long time. The teacher asked the little lad where he was the previous day, told him the whole classed missed him. The little lad told her he was up and ready for school at the usual time but nobody else in the house got up until […]