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How this 39 second video works so effectively

I made a 39 second video recently which packs a punch and does a great deal of heavy lifting for me. It follows a certain formula I use when making a particular type of video. Let me explain. I have previously written about the video formula which involves 3 steps: When I was I believe […]

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Why I Won’t Be Seeking Perfection With My Videos

Listened to a podcast this morning about how to get your videos discovered on YouTube. It was an excellent look into how you can improve the likelihood of having your videos featured more by YouTube. This will depend on the length of time your video is watched by viewers, expressed as a percentage of the […]

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Is Twitter Addiction Real?

Are you a regular user of Twitter? I’m not, although I do use the platform to push out links to blog posts or videos I have made concerning Irish law or business. I do this on ‘autopilot’ by using a scheduling tool called ‘Buffer’. There is plenty of such tools but this is my favourite […]

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Why I Am Returning to Twitter

I gave up on Twitter some time ago as a waste of my time and attention; but I’m reconsidering this decision now and I’ll tell you why. Before I do that, however, let me tell you why I quit. The main reason was that the tweets I did publish appeared to make little impression, did […]

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Drip by Drip (the Army of Cost Effective Workers)

I uploaded a video to YouTube yesterday which is almost certainly of interest to only a small group of people. The video is called “The Powers, Duties and Role of Executors in Irish law”. To the person who finds themselves burdened with the job of executor for the estate of a loved one who has […]