Why I Write

I need to write but I’m not sure why.  I am going to explore some of the reasons in this article, and maybe I will get some understanding. From that perspective, I guess it is fair to say that this piece of writing is pure self indulgence. But that is the great thing about writing: […]

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The power of video to connect-a stunning example on a Friday in Enfield

I was standing at the pedestrian crossing at the Johnstown Road/Main Road junction in Enfield on Friday just gone.  I was waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green as I needed to get down to the post office before my next consultation. It was around 2.15 pm or thereabouts and there was a white […]

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Your Best, Distraction Free, Lucid Thinking-Do You Have a Place?

There’s a velux window directly over the head of my bed.  Listening to large globules of rain hitting that window in the small hours of the morning, at 3.30 am or thereabouts, is one of the best, free experiences I frequently enjoy. Lying in bed, warm, with the duvet pulled up, and listening to the […]

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Flashbacks at the filling station

I went up the street last week to pick up some milk at the filling station and suffered flashbacks. You see the petrol station I visited is just up the street from my office and it is one I developed when I bought if from my dad back in 1996. I spent the following ten […]

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Chop Wood, Carry Water-Why You Need to Adopt This Buddhist Philosophy in 2020

It is a Zen Buddhist saying that if you want to reach enlightenment you should “chop wood, carry water”. And if you want to retain enlightenment you need to, you guessed it, “chop wood, carry water”. This is an exhortation to do the work that matters for you, and to guard against distractions and anything […]

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My Content Marketing and Brand Building Strategy for 2020

It all starts with an idea or an observation. The observation could be a change in the law, a decided case in the WRC or civil courts, a social change, something I learned over the last 30 odd years in business, or an idea from a book I’m reading or listening to. Then I write […]

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Start With Why-Is Simon Sinek Mistaken?

Reading “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek at the moment and am struggling a little bit. I am only half way through and hope I can accept, or reconcile, the hypothesis put forward by Sinek. His proposition is that people do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it. He points to […]

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Marketing is about values-here’s the 2 questions you need to answer

Steve Jobs put it best of all when he explained how marketing was about values. You need to know: Who you are, and What you believe When Jobs was launching the “Think Different” brand marketing campaign in 1997 he said, To me, marketing is about values. This is a very complicated world; it’s a very […]


Whoever has the best story wins

I have written many times in the past about the value and effectiveness of story in marketing a business. You only need to look at Apple, for example, as company who have sold products in a wide range of industries based on the Apple story and what Apple purports to stand for. What other company […]

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One of my most important tools: my journal

The journal you see on this page is one of the most important tools I own. When I refer to it as a tool I mean it is instrumental in maintaining sound mental health. It allows me to go to a place of complete privacy, solitude, stillness where I can gather my thoughts and put […]