Misinformation, masks, and conspiracy theories

Misinformation is rampant today, especially around the Covid 19 pandemic. And it poses a problem for our society, although it is impossible to quantify the magnitude of the problem. The wide range of social media platforms makes it easy to disseminate misinformation, conspiracy theories, hate filled views, and downright lies. To what extent the people […]

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How this 39 second video works so effectively

I made a 39 second video recently which packs a punch and does a great deal of heavy lifting for me. It follows a certain formula I use when making a particular type of video. Let me explain. I have previously written about the video formula which involves 3 steps: When I was I believe […]


Trees (when I look out the window of my home office)

When I look out the window of my home office here in my home in Kildare I see some beautiful trees which I am pleased to say I planted many years ago when we first moved to this property. The trees, like myself, have matured and aged and we have both taken on a slightly […]


The fundamental principle of being paid for work

This morning, as most mornings, I received an email from an employee who wanted to know if he “had a case”. He was most appreciative of the work I did, the YouTube videos I uploaded to my YouTube channel, the blog posts and information on my various websites, and so forth. But he wanted me […]


I made a “Pain de Campagne” at the weekend

I made a nice loaf of bread at the weekend called a “Pain de Campagne”. It is a rustic country bread which improves with age and can be eaten for up to a week after baking. The recipe I used I obtained from Ken Forkish’s book, “Flour Water Salt Yeast”. Ken Forkish left a corporate […]

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Why my chatbot Watson is back (and the surprising reason he went away for a while)

When I made a chatbot (Watson) for my websites with the IBM Watson Assistant programme in November 2018 I was stunned as to how intelligent it was, and the potential it offered.  I was also stunned by the reaction from some humans. Let me explain.  Watson’s intelligence is founded upon Natural Language Processing which is […]


Witnessing wills from the car and spraying the €50 notes

I traveled out from my office yesterday, with my trusty secretary, to witness the signing of wills for a couple who are cocooning at home as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. And it was a surreal experience, one I never imagined I would witness. We drove through the entrance to the property at […]

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Avoid the familiar mistake of seeking perfection in your marketing

I read an update on LinkedIn the other day from a small business owner who has evidently embraced video marketing as part of her marketing strategy. This is a first, crucially important step which I am repeatedly banging on about and encouraging on this blog, on my YouTube channel, on my Instagram, and anywhere else […]


Reading Classic Books-10 Personal Recommendations

For the last five years or thereabouts most of my leisure reading has been reading books that are known as “classics”. How you might define a classic book or what distinguishing feature allows you to say with confidence, “that’s a classic book” I simply do not know. I am sure if I searched online and […]

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Spare a Thought for the Publicans

Imagine being a publican at the moment. Imagine you are in a sparsely populated rural area and there is a couple of generations of the same family working in, and trying to extract a living from, a pub. Things are tough enough to begin with, especially since the drink driving laws have tightened up in […]